For over 30 years Kia Kaha Media has been publishing from its home base in Auckland, New Zealand. With a highly experienced and passionate editorial team located around the globe Kia Kaha Media has become one of the world's leading aviation publishers.

HeliOps Magazine


When it comes to covering the global civil helicopter industry there is no other publication that provides the indepth coverage and reporting than HeliOps. With writers and photographers located around the globe, with access to operators large and small, the HeliOps team provide you with content you wont find anywhere else, all coupled with undoubtedly the best imagery out there. Whether its high in the Andes mountains in Chile or out in the middle of the Australian outback - our writers and photographers go the extra yard to give you insights into just what makes this industry so amazing.

Since its inception HeliOps has created the path while others have followed and continues to do so today. Our writers boast decades of experience in the helicopter industry, with many of them still active in the industry today.

Air Attack Magazine


The world of aerial fire-fighting is a fast moving one – whether its fixed wing or rotary wing – and Air Attack is the leading publication when it comes to covering the global increase in aerial fire-fighting. Our team is regularly on the frontline of fires in Australia, United States, Europe and South America reporting from the world’s hot spots. From capturing images of air tankers laying down a retardant line around houses in Sydney, Australia to walking side by side with firefighters in Los Angeles County, California our experienced team of writers and photographers bring you unheralded access from the fireground, both on the ground and in the air.
Our writers and photographers live and breathe the world of fire-fighting.

Antares Magazine


The world of military aviation is as diverse as it is global – that’s why Antares has fast become the world leader when it comes to anything military aviation – whether its rotary wing, fast jets, transport or maritime or even unmanned systems. With a team of industry professionals who between them have spent decades in the military aviation world Antares brings you cutting edge editorial from the frontlines of the battlegrounds to the halls inside the Pentagon.

No other publication gives you the insights that Antares does. Combined with stunning imagery Antares sets itself apart from any other military aviation publication.



The HeliOps calendar sells out every year its produced and has done so for over 15 years now. With stunning photography showcasing the amazing segments of the industry from all around the globe it gives our customers a reminder every day in just how great this industry is. With over 60 images in each calendar it’s a great way to showcase this great industry. As well as doing our own HeliOps & Air Attack calendars we regularly undertake projects for our clients – providing a bespoke calendar for their clients.

What better way to increase your brand awareness than partnering up with Kia Kaha Media to create a stunning gift for your customers that is on their wall for a whole 365 days of the year.



For over 25 years we have been producing one-of-a-kind posters that have become collectors items. They hang on the walls of everyone involved in all aspects of the aviation world – from civil helicopters to military aviation to aerial fire-fighting, from maintenance hangars to squadron ready rooms – they instantly sell out when released. They are a marketers dream – providing our sponsors long lasting recognition and brand awareness by being part of each poster. Each illustration is completed in stunning detail by a master illustrator and many like the poster of Operation Gothic Serpent acknowledge the sacrifices of those in our military.

What better way to get your brand out there than on one of our amazing posters – with new ones always in progress.



Not content with just bringing the aviation industry together through its publications Kia Kaha Media has also created a number of specialist forums for the helicopter industry as well as the wildland and fire-fighting communities. With many of the industry’s leading professionals creating discussions, solving problems and engaging in discussions with the industry they work in the forums are fast becoming networking hubs for various segments of the industry including the MD500 Club Forum, the Bell Operators Forum, Airbus Helicopters Forum, the Wildland Fire-Fighting Forum and many others.